Saturday, December 5, 2009

Yuba Mundo...Schwing!!!

It's been a while...

I'd say the knee is almost 100%, but wouldn't wanna hex myself. :-)

I've managed to get out for the occasional ride the past 6 weeks or so. Most of my biking focus has been building up the new kid hauler / cargo bike. The Yuba Mundo V3. Nearly fully sorted, just need to come up w/ something for the kids feet. I installed a carbon fiber stoker bar with matching grips...stylin'.

I've had the bike out for a few test rides, including a 19 mile, sub-zero night ride on trails. Worked fairly well. Some chain length issues to sort out and disc brake tuning, but otherwise...smooooooth. Riding on the back deck while hanging onto the bars is fun. :-)

Mundo V3 frame - blue
Mundo V3 fork (threaded)
Shimano STX headset (threaded)
Nitto Albatross handlebars
Kalloy adjustable stem
Oury Mtn grips - blue
Shimano LX M581 brake/shift levers
Avid BB7 185/160 disc brakes
Deore/Ditchwitch wheels w/ 14mm adapters
2.4" Mutano Raptor tires
XT shadow rear derailleur
LX front derailleur
Kalloy 31.8x400mm seatpost
random seat
Hope Q/R seatpost clamp - blue
FSA MegaEXO crankset / bottom bracket
Ringle Zuzu pedals


Jim said...

Nice bike.

Just noticed the new V3 Yuba and I am resisting upgrader fever... from my old V2 Yuba.

baker said...

Thanks. The V3 added some stuff that made me wanna wait...disc brake capability, fat tire clearance, etc.

melanthius said...

Nice build! I too was sorely tempted to replace my V2 frameset with a V3 but my wife talked me down from that ledge. I went with a Surly fork for a front disc, so I'd already solved my biggest complaint.

What do you use for 14mm axle adapters on the rear hub? I went with a DH hub for which 14mm adapters were available from the manufacturer.

baker said...

I just used the spacers available at the Yuba website. Which DH hub did you use?

melanthius said...

I used one from a British company called Halo, the Spin Doctor Pro DH. It's a pretty nice hub for the money, with fast engagement and adapters to fit any dropout you can imagine. I detailed my build at

Anonymous said...

I did see somewhere in the interweb that handlebar "bar ends" can work well as footpegs for kids feet. That way you could keep the Carbon Fiber theme going too!

Lori Tompkins said...

Nice blog ... have been looking up different Yuba owning bike bloggers. I just bought an electric Yuba Mundo ... schwing!!! for sure. LOVE it.

baker said...

Thanks Lori! I've been wanting to electrify my Mundo, but the cost is holding me back.

Lindsay said...

I really love the kiddie art, super cute!